What Has doTERRA Done For Your Life?

Has reaching for bottles of doTERRA oils become part of your daily routine? Are you quick to whip out a rollerball when someone is complaining of nausea or anxiety? Have you fallen in love with diffusing oils in your home or office? No matter how you use doTERRA products, if they’ve become a big part of your life and wellness routine, you’re not going to want to miss out on this experience!

Using and integrating doTERRA products into your life naturally stirs the desire to share your experience with others, it also makes you better equipped to help them find their own natural solutions to everyday issues. Whether you know it or not, if you currently use doTERRA, then you’re in the perfect position to help people in your social circle learn more about the benefits of making the switch to the natural, safe, and effective healing products that doTERRA has to offer.

If essential oils and other doTERRA products have found a place in your life and your home, then why not share that with others? Join me for Share so that you can learn how to share doTERRA while simultaneously earning rewards for doing so!

Sharing Comes Naturally!

When you experience something wonderful that has made a difference in your life, you naturally want to share it with people you care about. Perhaps essential oils have become an important part of your afternoon pick-me-up routine. Maybe you’ve incorporated essential oils into your cleaning products, soaks in the bathtub, or as an alternative to perfume and body sprays. As you know, there are thousands of uses for essential oils, and each person quickly learns what staples are important for them in their household and wellness routines.

During this webinar, my goal is to equip you with all the tools you need to help those in your social circle discover what could benefit them in their lives. By answering a few basic questions, you can help break down the unknown and share the fantastic benefits doTERRA products can offer.

I’ll provide you with the simple steps you need to create, promote, and effectively share a presentation with your friends and family so that they can learn more about doTERRA products.

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Change More Lives

Before you discovered the magic of tea tree oil, what did you do to soothe blemishes? Before you got your first bottle of lavender oil, what would you use to help you unwind from a long day? There are so many essential oils out there that can play all sorts of roles in the lives of any type of person. No matter who you talk to, there’s at least one doTERRA oil or product that they can incorporate into their lives, so why not help them figure out what that product is?

In addition to sharing wisdom and helping others in their journey toward a more naturally-balanced and healthy life, you’ll also have the opportunity to walk away with a little something for yourself, because with doTERRA, sharing is rewarding! The doTERRA compensation model encourages you to empower others with natural solutions and in exchange will reward you with free products, the tools to build a financial pipeline, and even the ability to create residual income! Get all the info you need by adding your name to the list.

I Can’t Wait To Share With You On Sunday, August 11th At 7:00 pm CDT!